Bernd Westphal


In the magic of the moment, Bernd Westphal for antique clock restaurateur STAHLZEITEN.


Thomas Popinger


Thomas Popinger´s latest commission for luxury floor specialist PARADOR. Styling: Nici Theuerkauf


Anja Shahinniya

Prix de Beauté

Our one of a kind paper princess, Anja Shahinniya´s exquisite paperwork in collaboration with Jens Mauritz. Client: Prix de Beauté


Karolin Helou


A bold and beautiful contrast against the ancient orient, Karolin Helou intrigues the eye in this wonderful series for MADAME Magazine. Photographer: Benjamin Bouchet


Sania Pell

Elle Decoration

Green is definitely „in“. Sania Pell shows us why in her latest work for Elle Decoration. Photographer: Damian Russell


Maaike Koorman

Delicious Magazine

Maaike Koorman´s unique handwriting invitingly embraces simple aesthetics without ever loosing its sense of home. Client: Delicious Magazine, Photographer: Saskia van Osnabrugge


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher


„La vie en rose“, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher´s lens captures a clever portrait of a light-hearted lifestyle for non less than Sony.
Styling: Ulrike Miebach, Agency: Häberlein & Maurer, CD: Markus Zecher


Bernd Westphal


How dark can blue go before it turns black? Bernd Westphal masterfully shows us how, as his light faithfully comes back to him from the velvet depths of these magnificent campaign images for BYNACHT.
Styling: Sascha Gaugel  / Kalle Hildinger, Agency: BYNACHT GmbH, CD: Helge Blöck, AD: Anna Barnick / Alexandra Westphal


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Rolf Benz

Our Heidi Lerkenfeldt with Pernille Vest shows once again why she has become one of Europe´s most in demand interior photographers. This time for Rolf Benz.
Agency: Serviceplan, CD: Michel-Maurice Lück


Lars Ranek

M Magazine

Honest, real, lovely…. Lars!
Food that calls out to be eaten and not just looked at, that´s Lars Ranek.
Client: M Magazine Copenhagen, Styling: Lars Ranek, Food by: Nanna Simonse


Michael Brunn

Personal work

An intriguing study in white, Michael Brunn´s personal work with Aromatics by Clinique.


Thomas de Monaco

BMW Magazin

Bold, futuristic, finding compositions where many may move on for more apparent motives. Thomas de Monaco for BMW-Magazine – Recycle in Style.
CD: Dirk Linke/ Ringzwei


Jeroen van der Spek

VT Wonen / Preview

Whether literal or figurative, Earth is in some way always part of Jeroen van der Spek unmistakeable signature. Here for a preview for the upcoming VT Wonen in cooperation with stylist Cleo Scheulderman.


Maik Rositzki

Barbor Cosmetics

Barbor Cosmetics entrusted our Maik Rositzki for their latest delicate cosmetic campaign. Styling: Kirsten Benoufa


Cleo Scheulderman

HK Living

Flawless imperfections, Cleo Scheulderman at her best for HK Living.
Photographer: Jeroen van der Spek