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Souq Cookbook

The beautiful cookbook Souq about the Mezze tradition. Maaike Koorman visualized the mouth watering stories from food writers Merijn Tol & Nadia Zerouali together with photographer Ernie Enkelaar. The book Is published by Fontaine Uitgevers and will come out in The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, UK and US.


Globus magazine

Perfectly in sync, our photographer Lars Ranek and stylist Maaike Koorman were both commissioned by GLOBUS magazine for this beautifully genuine food story.


Le Book Zuur

Maaike Koorman created the sets and did prop styling for award winning cookbook of the year 2016 Zuur.
Dutch cookbook author Bas Robben explains why Sourness is so important in a dish or recipe.
Published by GoodCook, photography by Jeroen van der Spek, food styling by Jessica Lek.



The Swiss department store Globus commissioned Maaike Koorman to do the food and setstyling. The images were captured by Jeroen van der Spek. Agency Brunner Bekker.


Happinez Magazin

Maaike did the setstyling for this yummie spread in german Happinez magazine, photographer was Saskia van Osnabrugge, foodstyling by Ajda Mehmet.

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