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ALPA Switzerland

For ALPA Switzerland´s anniversary, Scanderbeg & Sauer were commissioned to capture its essence.



Scanderbeg & Sauer shot new images at Clariant’s Innovation Center in Frankfurt, Germany.

For 15 years, Clariant scientists have been conducting research on a method of simplifying the pigment dispersion process. A pigment’s quality rises and falls with its ability to handle various weather conditions. If a pigment, for example, fades too quickly, it fails the test and will never…Sca


Eternal Ice

In the continuation of the Eternal Ice project we turned our attention to the Grande Dixence complex which collects water from 35 glaciers in the Valais. The water gets collected here and with enormous pumps it gets raised to an altitude of 2,400 m. The water then flows through tunnels bored through the interior of the mountains to the Lac des Dix. This reservoir is held in place by the world’s second-tallest gravity dam (285 m high).



Scanderbeg & Sauer just finished a major project for OFCOM: “If it’s Swiss, make it .swiss”. The campaign promotes the brand new Top Level Domain .swiss which allows to align organizations with the brand that is Switzerland. – they were in charge of the CGI (.swiss) as well as photography.


Patek Philippe

Just handed off a new story to Fortune Magazine USA: PATEK PHILIPPE – the last family-owned independent Genevan watch manufacturer. Patek Philippe is among the very few watchmaking companies in Switzerland that master all manufacturing steps from development to final assembly, including the in-house production of movements, cases and bracelets.

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