Bernd Westphal

Photography - van Laack

Remarkably clean and straight to the essence, Bernd Westphal for van Laack, DOP: Orestis Chatzitheodorou / Showarchitekten, Edit & Colorgrading: Thomas Gering / RAW Kitchen, Styling: Christina Holzum, Hair & Makeup: Michael Mayer, Produktion: We love Artbuying, Artbuying: Anne Kotte


Carline van Oel

Interior - & Propstyling - Bold Hotel

Carline van Oel, Interieur Stylist Munich for Bold Hotels, Photogaphy Brechenmacher & Baumann


Nadine Page

Foodstyling - Personal Work

Personal work with photographer Claudia Gödke. Foodstyling Nadine Page Berlin.


Cleo Scheulderman

Interior Styling - Linen Amsterdam

Cleo Scheulderman with photographer Jeroen van der Spek for Linen Amsterdam.


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Photography - Gubi

Dedicated to celebrating the luxury of living life, Gubi entrusted our Heidi Lerkenfeldt to curate their legacy into their latest campaign of designs that combine the past and present so the new can evolve.


Carlfried Verwaayen

Photography - Adidas

Carlfried Verwaayen captures the perfect modern pop metaphor for Adidas’s new Superstar 360 X Lego.


Jeroen van der Spek

Photography - VT Wonen

Ethereal, as if somewhere above the clouds, Jeroen van der Spek together with stylist Cleo Scheulderman once again elevate VT Wonen’s imagery to use unseen places.


Claudia Gödke

Photography - Leonardo

A wonderful balance between props and product applaud Claudia Gödke’s unique ability to embellish yet center stage her product vision. Client: Leonardo, Styling: Nici Theuerkauf, Food-styling: Nadine Page.


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

Photography - Rixius

Even the humblest of critics will consider Wolf-Dieter Böttcher one of the greatest still-life masters of our time. Here for Rixius AG, he also did the concept and styling.


Jochen Arndt

Photograph - Dorp Hotel

The grandest of welcomes for Dorp Hotel Capetown through the lens of Jochen Arndt.


Bernd Westphal

Photography - Wildplastic

Plastic with an ecological conscience portrayed by Bernd Westphal for Wildplastic.
Agency Studio Oeding.


Michael Brunn

Photography - Roos & Roos

Michael Brunn evokes with his vision of the marvellous world of Roos & Roos parfumes.


Lars Ranek

Photography - Kastrup Gulve

Lars Ranek captures these wooden floors from Kastrup Gulve like no one else. Stylist Monica Cetti


Jan Herbolsheimer

Photography - Bar Garçon

Stills in Motion was the focus for the new pictures for Bar Garçon Munich. Drinks by Mario Messig. Postproduction PX5.


Tompe L'oil

Photography - Maciek Miloch

Beautiful work with accessories, shot by Maciek Miloch and Set stylist Natalia Mleczak.