Magdalena Lindstedt

Set Design & Prop Styling

Magdalena Lindstedt Set Design & Prop Styling for Junique. Photographer: Sabine Zoltnere


Magdalena Lindstedt

Prop Styling - Maskot

Magdalena Lindsted Prop Styling for Laskot. Photographer: Stellan Stephenson


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

Photography - Instyle

Unpretentiously impactful, stunningly timeless. Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’s lens makes you lick luxury of all five fingers. One of the great still-life masters of our time. No words needed. Here for Instyle. Styling: Theresa Pichler.


Jeroen van der Spek

Photography - Couleur Locale

Breathtaking desaturated geometric phrasing. Jeroen van der Spek together with stylist Cleo Scheulderman for Couleur Locale Concept Store.


Michael Brunn

Photography - Quarterly

Cleverly enveloped by its essential origin, Chanel No. 5 in rose petals. Michael Brunn for FAZ Quarterly Magazin.


Bernd Westphal

Photography - Lynck & Co.

A modern industrial mise en scène for Lynck & Co. Photographer and artistic orchestrator Bernd Westphal captures a vision for a new way of mobility and membership.


Cleo Scheulderman

Prop Styling - Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam

Sober urban curations in hues of coffee and beige. Cleo Scheulderman and photographer Jeroen van der Spek for Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam.


Lars Ranek

Photography - Skagerrak Nordic Gin

Artefact! As if before our time Lars Ranek finds the perfect denominator for Skagerrak’s new impactful campaign. Styling: Lars Ranek.


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Photography - Ferm Living

Ferm Living entrusted most in demand Heidi Lerkenfeldt with their latest communications. Styling: Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Carlfried Verwaayen

Photography - Quote

Carlfried Verwaayen’s brilliant crustacean war of roses for Quote. Stylist: Judith Rasenberg. Art Direction: Melvin Rangel.


Claudia Gödke

Photography - Personal Work

Claudia Gödke’s genius osmosis between culinary alien landscapes. Personal Work. Food-styling:Nadine Page.


Birgit Ehrlicher

Set Design & Prop Styling - Foamie

Clean and nononsense compositions were foreground for Birgit Ehrlicher’s prop-styling for Foamie’s Social Media launch. Photographer: Michael Brunn


Jochen Arndt

Photography - Cristina Carulla Studio Barcelona

Aqua shades mixed with traditional ceramics wonderfully juxtaposed with citrus frame the organic wood center of family life. Jochen Arndt’s capture for Cristina Carulla Studio Barcelona who designed “It’s a Park” in Berlin.


Nadine Page

Hello Fresh - Foodstyling

Hello Fresh entrusted Nadine Page with their campaign “Global Eats” with photographer Jean Schwartzwalder and prop stylist Jerrie Joy Redman Lloyd.


Carline van Oel

Interiorstyling - Trautskirchen

Together with photographer Andy Brunner, Carline van Oel created these beautiful stills for Trautskirchen Munich.