Natahsa van Velzen

Foodstyling - Christmas

Festively fresh Natasha van Velzen  for this Christmas Stop Motion. Photographer Joris van Velzen, Flowers by Kathleen Alish


Sigurd Høyen

CGI - Lakrids by Bülow

Illusions of Christmas merged with the colours of the brand Lakrids by Bülow. Sigurd Høyen makes the impossible possible for even the most demanding of client requests.


Jan Herbolsheimer

Photography - Penny

Seemingly shot from within the moment, Jan Herbolsheimer’s vision is always uncontrived and direct. Here for Penny “Best Moments”. Styling Maria Struck, Foodstyling Natasha van Velzen. Agency Serviceplan. Postproduktion mo postproduktion 


Lars Ranek

Photography - Pillivuyt

A breathtakingly seductive feast orchestrated in a world of blacks, Lars Ranek’s latest for Pillivuyt. Styling Monica Cetti


Bernd Westphal

Photography - Hewlett Packard

A brilliant collision of colours. Conception, styling and photography Bernd Westphal for Hewlett Packard. Agency Otto Office Inhouse, AD Carsten Völler


Michael Brunn

Photography Shu Uemura

Sumptuous structures in shades of red, Michael Brunn for the new Shu Uemura campaign.


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

Photography - Instyle

One of his most fascinating gifts is to capture color nuances ones eye swears never before to have seen. Our great master of daylight, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher, this time for Instyle. Styling Theresa Pichler


Jeroen van der Spek

Photography - VT Wonen

A sublime preparation for a heavenly gathering, Jeroen van der Spek for VT Wonen, Styling Cleo Scheulderman


Jochen Arndt

Photography - Bateanicals

The new tea brand Boteanicals entrusted the finesse of Jochen Arndt’s lens for their first product launch.


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Photography - Rolf Benz

Another set of stunning interiors by one of Europe’s most in demand. Heidi Lerkenfeldt for Rolf Benz, Styling Tine Daring, Agency Serviceplan


Claudia Gödke

Photography - Kahla

Claudia Gödke set the scene for the new Kahla designs 2019. Styling Maria Struck


Claudia Gödke

Photography - L'Oréal

L’Oréal commissioned Claudia Gödke for their Botanicals line. Foodstyling Rocket & Basil, Styling Maria Struck


Birgit Ehrlicher

Propstyling - Steelcase

Birgit Ehrlicher’s up, fresh and positive vision gave Steelcase that little something in their latest campaign.


Cleo Scheulderman

Propstyling - VT Wonen

Enchanting as ever, Cleo Scheulderman for VT Wonen. Photography: Peggy Janssen


Natasha van Velzen

Foodstyling - Real California Milk

Natasha van Velzen’s most recent commission was part of an international production for US Real California Milk filmed in Kiev. DOP Donavan Sell, Director Terry Timely, Production Park Pictures