Carlfried Verwaayen

Photography - Rituals

Neo-Renaissance inspirations contribute to the timelessness of Carlfried Verwaayen’s latest commission for none less than RITUALS.
Styling: Danielle Verheul ; Art Director: Mendy van Hattem


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Photography - Anne Louise Due de Fønss

Exquisite minimalist hand made bearers of light made in Denmark. Heidi Lerkenfeldt honours these works perfectly in her visual interpretation for fellow native artist and lamp designer Anne Louise Due de Fønss.
Styling: Pernille Vest & Henriette Schou ; Retouch: Thomas Cato


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

Photography - Instyle

As if born from the sea, grand master Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’s brilliant story for Instyle’s mother of pearl timepiece editorial.
Redaktion: Theresa Pichler


Jochen Arndt

Photography - Breuninger

Nordic interpretations of home inspire Jochen Arndt’s most recent story for Breuninger.
Styling: Nicole Zweig


Jan Herbolsheimer

Photography - Hemponade

Real and honest captures that immediately evoke confidence towards his visual message. Jan Herbolsheimer latest work for Hemponade.
Foodstyling: Akos Neuberger ; Postproduction: PX5


Michael Brunn

Photography - Atelier Cologne

In tune with the historic legacy of its brand, Michael Brunn for Atelier Cologne.
Agency: Mazzarine ; Retouch: Chic Paris


Jeroen van der Spek

Photography - Pfister

Desaturated warmth filled harbours underline Jeroen van der Spek’s latest images for Pfister. Styling: Cleo Scheulderman


Claudia Gödke

Photography - Perfeggt

I mean how much more inviting and desirable to the point that you can almost taste it, can one depict a food product?! Claudia Gödke for the vegan egg-substitute Perfeggt shortly before product launch.
Styling: Magdalena Lindstedt ; Foodstyling: Nadine Page



Photography - 1664 Blanc

Maciek Miloch’s exceptional vision shows us how abstract modern perspectives with a touch of Dali can be harnessed to make a powerful eye-catching commercial campaign for 1664 Blanc.
Agency: VML&YR ; Set Design: Zuza Slominska & Mania Bien ;
Production: Shootme ; Postproduction: Space Postproduction


Nadine Page

Food & Styling - HER ONE

Health and organic origins are in in the forefront of Nadine Page’s purely lit campaign for HER ONE.
Photography: David Born


Carline van Oel

Prop Styling - Belform

Hidden stories bring allure to Carline van Oel’s styling for Belform.
Photography: Mike Krueger


Katja Baum

Food Styling - BARBARA Magazine

Full of freshness and joy, Katja Baum for Barbara Magazine.
Credits picture 1 Photography: Andrea Thode; Styling: Maria Grossmann
Credits picture 2/3 Photography: Janne Peters; Styling: Maria Grossmann



Interior Styling - Depot

Warm, sunlight faded Mediterranean moods fill Cleo Scheulderman’s current commission for Depot.
Photography: Debi Treloar


Birgit Ehrlicher

Set Design - Zwiesel Glas

A majestic and mythical mise en scène by Birgit Ehrlicher amidst the heart of the Bavarian forest, the very origin of Zwiesel Glas ’s heritage.
Agency: Brandtouch; Photography: Claudia Gödke


Lars Ranek

Photography - Summerbird Chocolate

Within the darkness of Lars Ranek’s latest campaign for Summerbird chocolate lies the seduction that leaves one hard pressed to not wonder what mouth melting miracles might await.