Natasha van Velzen - WMF

Foodstyling - WMF

WMF entrusted Natasha van Velzen with the foodstyling for their latest product line.


Cleo Scheulderman

Styling - Vogue Living Holland

With an almost surrealistic hand Cleo Scheulderman conjured up these luxurious interiors for VOGUE Living Holland. Photography: Jeroen van der Spek


Jeroen van der Spek

Photography - Sumak

More of a culinary portrait than a cookbook, Jeroen van der Spek beautifully captured author Anas Atassi as he shares his family stories and recipes from Syriah in the new cookbook Sumak, (editing house Nijgh en van Ditmar Cusine). Styling: Maaike Koorman, Foodstyling: Ajda Mehmet.


Birgit Ehrlicher

Styling - Mytheresa

Beautiful, clear, Birgit Ehrlicher for Mytheresa. Photography: Tobias Volkmann


Sigurd Høyen

CGI - Personal Work

Never ceasing to amaze, new interiors by Sigurd Høyen. Personal work.


Stephan Gustavus

Photography - Nomos

Stephan Gustavus created with NOMOS watches beautiful motives, with inspiration and as homage for the Bauhaus centennial.


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

Photography - GQ

Breathtakingly noble, timeless without question, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’s masterful story for the latest GQ. Styling: Clark Parkin


Bernd Westphal

Photography - Kita Kinderzimmer

There is a kid somewhere inside of every creative, Bernd Westphal is no exception. Here for a “Kita Kinderzimmer” shooting in collaboration with Loved agency. Styling: Ina Silberzahn


Lars Ranek

Photography - Letz Sushi

Stunning images of simplicity, Lars Ranek for “Letz Sushi” restaurant. Styling: Monica Cetti


Michael Brunn

Photography - Piaget

As if crystallising before the beholders eye, Michael Brunn manages to create a fascinating mise en scène for the precious gems and stones of Piaget.


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Photography - RUM Magazin

Heidi Lerkenfeldt’s latest collaboration with longtime colleague and stylist Pernille Vest, this time for RUM Magazin.


Götz Sommer

Photography - Schwan Cosmetics

Götz Sommer, artistically brilliant as always, in his latest commission for Schwan Cosmetics.


Thomas Popinger

Photography - Alape

Images of startling purity for Alape. The stark clean lines between Thomas Popinger’s light and shadow have become an unmistakable part of his sought after signature. Styling: Nici Theuerkauf


Jan Herbolsheimer

Photography - Victorinox

Mouthwatering scenarios, once again captured by Jan Herbolsheimer for Swiss knife manufacturer Victorinox. Styling: Maaike Koorman, Foodstyling: Ajda Mehmet, Agentur Fashioncom


Audi R8

Fabian Oefner - Photography

Audi USA celebrates their 10 year anniversary of the V10 engine in the Audi R8, they commissioned swiss artist Fabian Oefner to build their slowest piece of art.
The youtube-page from Audi shows that video how it was created and got now more than 1.5 million klicks.