Jörn Rynio


Jörn in cooperation with his stylist Michaela Suchy and food stylist Rainer Meidinger created the new ALDI Emoji campaign. Agency Oliver Voss.


Jan Herbolsheimer


For his upcoming cookbook, Jan Herbolsheimer created this very inviting recipe: a daal curry with cauliflower breaded in corn starch.



Fabian Oefner

Explosion Collages

The Explosion Collages are an ongoing project, in which Oefner examines our perception of reality through photography. Each work depicts a portrait photograph being torn apart by a gunshot. What seems to be a genuine photograph of an ephemeral moment is in fact just an illusion: The artist creates these works by capturing thousands of fragments of the physical print and diligently arranging them into a new piece. Oefner`s meticulous precision ultimately results into a hyperrealistic illusion, that shows a real, yet non-existing moment in time.

Today, where most photographs only exist in a digital realm, Oefner returns to the photograph as a physical object. The projectile piercing through the print transforms a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional object in space. The original subject of the photograph, the portrait remains visible, but due to the kinetic energy of the moment of destruction, transforms into a new piece of art.


Götz Sommer

Brigitte Magazin

Captured in a lovely juxtaposition, Götz Sommer´s latest work for Brigitte Magazin


Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Another mise-en-scène with the undeniable allure of Heidi Lerkenfeldt´s signature. This time for H&M. Styling by Lotta Agaton.


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher


Stunning and always expectional with a timeless undertone, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher for Instyle with this new masterful series. Styling by Theresa Pichler.


Stephan Gustavus


Christ jewelers entrusted Stephan Gustavus´s tasteful vision with their latest image campaign.


Jan Herbolsheimer Lanzarote

Lanzarote and his origin products

On his trip to Lanzarote, Jan shot typical local products like these Canarian mussles with wild dill flowers.



Thomas Popinger


They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Thomas Popinger for Miele´s 90th anniversary celebration.


Bernd Westphal

Shape Republic

Inviting berry visions. Bernd Westphal´s fresh new campaign for Shape Republic. Foodstyling by Jürgen Zimmerstädt.


Lars Ranek

B Magazine

Unmistakably, our so very in demand Lars Ranek. Here for the B Magazin in cooperation with food stylist Nanna Simonssen.


Jeroen van der Spek

Elle Decoration

There are very few who can capture the harbour of home like Jeroen van der Spek. Elle Decoration seems to agree. Styling by Cleo Scheulderman.


Michael Brunn

Vogue Russia

Luxurious stories told be the lens of Michael Brunn in his latest commission for VOGUE Russia.


Maik Rositzki

Personal work

Artful abstractions of light. Our multifaceted Maik Rositzki.


Jörn Rynio


Quality is the slogan for the Aldi Wine Campaign. Agency Oliver Voss hired Jörn Rynio & food stylist Rainer Meidinger.