Natasha van Velzen

Foodstyling - Apotheken Umschau

Natasha van Velzen’s recent story for Apotheken Umschau. Photographer: Meike Bergmann


Birgit Ehrlicher

Set Design - Steelcase

Birgit Ehrlicher’s up, fresh and positive vision gave Steelcase that little something in their latest campaign. Photographer: Nick Frank


Sigurd Høyen

CGI - Most Modest USA

“Most Modest USA” was searching for high end CGI in harmony with their brand guidelines and multicolour products, yet without loosing a playful realistic impression and found the perfect partner in Sigurd Høyen.


Thomas Popinger

Photography - Roomdresser

Thomas Popinger was commissioned by exclusive interior consultants Roomdresser Zürich to capture their sumptuous and intriguing savoir-faire.


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

Photography - Instyle

Challenging the expected, one of the greatest still life masters of our time, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher for Instyle. Styling: Theresa Pichler


Jeroen van der Spek

Photography - VT Wonen

Breathtaking images of modern purity with undeniable roots in the organics of Mother Earth – Jeroen van der Spek in his universe, for VT Wonen. Styling: Cleo Scheulderman


Michael Brunn

Photography - Daniel Jouvenance

Michael Brunn in his latest “one man show” commission for Daniel Jouvenance cosmetics. Photography and Styling: Michael Brunn


Jan Herbolsheimer

Photography - McDonald's

Jan Herbolsheimer for none less than McDonald’s. Combining aesthetics with mass production remain one of his most called upon abilities. Foodstyling: Jürgen Zimmerstädt c/o Bigoudi


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Photography - Astep Design Lamps

The effectiveness and sheer beauty of Heidi Lerkenfeldt’s and Pernille Vest’s latest commission for Astep Design Lamps, needs no words to communicate why they are one of Europe’s most in demand team. Styling: Pernille Vest


Götz Sommer

Photography - Brigitte

Photography meets sculpture in Götz Sommer’s latest story for Brigitte magazine, Styling Nadin Schumacher


Bernd Westphal

Photography - Dove

Dove entrusted Bernd Westphal to find the right visual path for an understated yet authentic effective message for their latest images.
Styling: Sandra Schollmeyer.


Lars Ranek

Photography - Skagerrak Nordic Gin

Happy Hour at it’s finest! Lars Ranek’s brilliant lighting communicates social fusion despite the products beautiful portraiture.


Sigurd Høyen

CGI - LP Cover for Efterklang

Surrealistic realities composed by our Sigurd Høyen for the band Efterklang’s new LP cover.


Cleo Scheulderman

Styling - VT Wonen

Breathtaking places masterfully staged on the edge of darkness, Cleo Scheulderman for VT Wonen, black series.
Photography: Jeroen van der Spek


Maaike Koorman


Always inviting, Maaike Koorman’s latest prop and people styling for Swiss knife manufacturer VICTORINOX. Foodstyling: Ajda Mehmet
Photography: Jan Herbolsheimer