Birgit Ehrlicher

Propstyling - Steelcase

Birgit Ehrlicher’s up, fresh and positive vision gave Steelcase that little something in their latest campaign.


Cleo Scheulderman

Propstyling - VT Wonen

Enchanting as ever, Cleo Scheulderman for VT Wonen. Photography: Peggy Janssen


Natasha van Velzen

Foodstyling - Real California Milk

Natasha van Velzen’s most recent commission was part of an international production for US Real California Milk filmed in Kiev. DOP Donavan Sell, Director Terry Timely, Production Park Pictures


Maaike Koorman

Propstyling - Globus

In her renown element, Maaike Koorman’s latest nature feast, this time for Globus. Photographer Dominik Hodel, CD: Franca Moor.


Bernd Westphal

Photography - GUHL Video

Bernd Westphal’s case shooting for Peter Schmidt Group is another prime example of how his amstery of conception and still life can perfectly translate into moving pictures. ECD: Heidrun Angerer


Michael Brunn

Photography - Olay

Often a one-man-show, Michael Brunn cleverly extended Olay’s newest product line into his composition. Photography and Styling: Michael Brunn; Artbuying Anne Kotte


Jan Herbolsheimer

Photography - Victorinox

Hot as ever! Jan Herbolsheimer for Victorinox knives. Food styling: Ajda Mehmet


Lars Ranek

Photography - Gense

A bold and brilliant contrast, Lars Ranek offsets the sleek crafted cutlery of Gense against a raw primal origin. Styling: Monica Cetti


Jeroen van der Spek

Pohtography - IKEA

Adapting to ever evolving marketing needs of our clients, Jeroen van der Spek show in IKEA’s latest bed campaign how his still life knowhow can perfectly transcend into our client’s “not so still” marketing demands. Agency Thjnk


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Photography - ARK Journal

Lessons in class. Heidi Lerkenfeldt’s breathtaking commission for ARK Journal shows why she is Eurpe’s irrefutable queen of interior photography. Styling: Pernille Vest 


Thomas Popinger

Photography - Lamy

Thomas Popinger’s velvet fusion of shadow and light were the perfect backdrop for Lamy’s precision feathers in their new Urushi-painted fountain pens.


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

Photography - Dallmayr Capsa

The true Master of Daylight, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’s richness and depth remain unparalleled. His incredible creative diversity takes center stage in Dallmayr’s new Capsa campaign. Agency Thjnk, Propstyling Birgit Ehrlicher, Coffee styling Daniel Petri , Postproduction GOLD GmbH


Claudia Gödke

Photography- Sister Magazine

There is nothing like a hearty snack – Claudia Gödke not only photographed the yummie “Snackboards”  for Sister Mag but also did the styling. Foodstyling Nadine Page


Jochen Arndt

Photograph- Lobster

Mouthwatering images by Jochen Arndt and food stylist Natasha van Velzen


Jochen Arndt

Photography - Frank Stüve

Frank Stüve, Berlin’s hottest interior designer, entrusted Jochen Arndt with the shooting of his beautiful showroom.