Fabian Oefner

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Fabian Oefner

Audi USA celebrates their 10 year anniversary of the V10 engine in the Audi R8, they commissioned swiss artist Fabian Oefner to build their slowest piece of art.
The youtube-page from Audi shows that video how it was created and got now more than 1.5 million klicks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PYXYI6NtfI&t=5s


Explosion Collages

The Explosion Collages are an ongoing project, in which Oefner examines our perception of reality through photography. Each work depicts a portrait photograph being torn apart by a gunshot. What seems to be a genuine photograph of an ephemeral moment is in fact just an illusion: The artist creates these works by capturing thousands of fragments of the physical print and diligently arranging them into a new piece. Oefner`s meticulous precision ultimately results into a hyperrealistic illusion, that shows a real, yet non-existing moment in time.

Today, where most photographs only exist in a digital realm, Oefner returns to the photograph as a physical object. The projectile piercing through the print transforms a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional object in space. The original subject of the photograph, the portrait remains visible, but due to the kinetic energy of the moment of destruction, transforms into a new piece of art.


Infinite Moment in Time

A distinct moment in time, the breaking of a clock, all mirrored infinitely towards the horizon. In this fascinating photographic series, Fabian Oefner’s latest visual quest finds it’s origin somewhere deep inside our own perception of reality and time.



Beauty beyond the eye of the beholder, Fabian Oefner for BASF color pigments.
Agency Tigerbytes.



SONY´s vivid new campaign motives were shot by Fabian in cooperation with the Agency DDB Berlin

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In Focus

Fabian Oefner (born 1984, Switzerland)

is a curious investigator, photographer and artist, whose work moves between the fields of art and science. His images capture in unique and imaginative ways natural phenomena that appear in our daily lives, such as sound waves, centripetal forces, iridescence, or the unique properties of magnetic ferroliquids. His exploration of the unseen and poetic facets of the natural world is an invitation, as he says, „to stop for a moment and appreciate the magic that constantly surrounds us.“

Oefner’s photographs have been exhibited in various countries and are part of private collections around the globe. Besides pursuing his own projects, he also collaborates with influential international brands on ad campaigns and art projects. He works and lives in Switzerland.