Götz Sommer

• Hamburg • gs@stillstars.com


Schwan Cosmetics

Götz Sommer, artistically brilliant as always, in his latest commission for Schwan Cosmetics.


Fashion Accessories

Götz Sommer brilliantly blurs the lines between graphic art and photograph. His mastery of light and shadow is one of a kind. Personal work. Styling: Nadin Schumacher


Acqua di Parma

Götz Sommer lets his light do the talking in his latest commission for ACQUA DI PARMA.
Agency: select world



DOUGLAS entrusted Götz Sommer’s eye-catching vision with their latest ad campaign.
Styling: Kirsten Schmidt, Agency: Select World



A true artist and technician, Götz Sommer’s light manages to somehow always go beyond the objects and surfaces he captures. Styling: Nadin Schumacher c/o Bigoudi

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In Focus

Götz Sommer

highly experienced still life photographer based in Hamburg, Germany, stands out due to his precise photography of objects.
His clear-cut and often purist pictoral design invites the viewer to discover the substance of what is depicted.
Although his independent projects explore a number of different topics, his late art studies at the HFBK – University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, pursued parallel to his studio work, have a lasting impact on his commissioned work. To his clients he counts Alcina, Aqua di Parma, Douglas, Schwan Cosmetics, Barbor, M2 Beauté, Annemarie Börlind, MEXX, Karstadt, Swatch etc.