Anja Shahinniya

Personal Work

Exceptionally unique and exquisite, personal work of paperwork artist Anja Shahinniya


Sania Pell

Earthborn Selected

With an uncanny ability to reduce interiors to the utmost without ever loosing their sense of „home“, stylist Sania Pell for Earthborn selected. Photography: Neil Mersh


Karolin Helou


Perfectly at home in an artistic abstract environment, stylist Karolin Helou for MADAME magazine. Photography: Bene Ochs. Object Artist: Bernhard Eblinghaus


Cleo Scheulderman

VT Wonen

Wonderfully inviting, stylist Cleo Scheulderman for Vt Wonen. Photographer: Jeroen van der Spek


Thomas De Monaco

Personal Work

Stunning auras and depth of field from De Monaco’s personal laboratory, achieved through special moving light techniques.


Stephan Gustavus

Food is Good

Pure and simple is Stephan Gustavus’s favourite visual recipe in his latest enticing free work „food is good“. Styling: DvonK


Jeroen van der Spek

HK Living

Both with an unmistakable organic common denominator, Jeroen van der Spek with stylist Cleo Scheulderman, captured these fabulous embellishing, yet sober interiors for HK Living.


Fabian Oefner

Infinite Moment in Time

A distinct moment in time, the breaking of a clock, all mirrored infinitely towards the horizon. In this fascinating photographic series, Fabian Oefner’s latest visual quest finds it’s origin somewhere deep inside our own perception of reality and time.


Michael Brunn

Fit for Fun

It’s not difficult to see why FIT FOR FUN magazin commissioned Michael Brunn for their latest series. Photography, styling and postporduction: Michael Brunn


Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Oliver Gustav

A lesson in shades of grey. Heidi Lerkenfeldt for none the less than Oliver Gustav and his acclaimed curated edit of international designers and artists. New York – gallery and Copenhagen – boutique & showroom.


Maik Rositzki


His ability to capture fascinating new perspectives on things we’ve seen a thousand times, made Maik Rositzki the obvious choice for Miele.
Client: Miele
Agency: McCann
Styling: Kirsten Benoufa c/o Ligawest

Bernd Westphal

Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz

Revealed beneath the sands of time, Bernd Westphal’s lens invites us to discover the Foundation for Prussian Cultural Heritage in his latest work.
Client: Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Agency: Peter Schmidt Group
CD: Bettina Schürmann
Setdesign: Dirk Drevenstedt

Götz Sommer

Personal Work

Always fresh, always with a twist, this time our Götz Sommer cleverly contrasted a „man’s world“ with pastel cubism. Personal work. Styling: Sandra Feldmann


Lars Ranek

Ernst Food

Lars Ranek has a way of capturing „Haute Cuisine“ without the chichi. His direct and honest approach was commissioned for the cookbook „ERNST FOOD“. Foodstyling: Jacob Ernst.     Styling: Monica Cetti


Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

Personal Work

Dosed to perfection, Böttcher’s undeniable respect and understanding of light make him one of the great still life masters of our time. Personal work. Styling: Susanne Stefanski