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It is pictures like these that explain why Lars Ranek´s organic style has made him one of our shooting stars of 2017. Client: Pillivuyt Worldwide, Styling: Monica Cetti, Food Styling: Peter Munck


Danish Meat Association

Lars Ranek at his best, beautiful yet believable, direct into the beholders savoury senses. Client: Danish Meat Association, Foodstyling: Mikkel Karstad


M Magazine

Honest, real, lovely…. Lars!
Food that calls out to be eaten and not just looked at, that´s Lars Ranek.
Client: M Magazine Copenhagen, Styling: Lars Ranek, Food by: Nanna Simonse


By Thornam

Increasingly in demand, Lars Ranek shows why, in his latest commission for By Thornam.
Styling Monica Cetti.


Globus magazine

Perfectly in sync, our photographer Lars Ranek and stylist Maaike Koorman were both commissioned by GLOBUS magazine for this beautifully genuine food story.

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