Bernd Westphal

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Game On!! Bernd Westphal celebrates women in gaming for XBOX.


SZ Scala

Like an homage to the black and white of printed press, the day and night between journalism and propaganda, or the clarity in the factual truth, Bernd Westphal’s brilliant composition for SZ Scala in cooperation with Google. Art Direction Katharina Bitzl, Journalist Katharina Hamberger


Van Laack

Unexpected fashion shoot by Bernd Westphal for Van Laack with AD Sascha Dettweiler and CD Henrik Mielicke. Make Up: Marco Hülsebus, Styling: Yilmaz Aktepe, Production: WE LOVE artbuying, Postproduction: CMYKitchen



Brilliant Bernd! Commercial yet elevated, and always on point. Case photography for Europe’s leader in plant based foods, Veganz. Agency: Studio Oeding; AD: Janika Petersen; CD&ID: Katrin Oeding; SET: Bernd Westphal.


Lynck & Co.

A modern industrial mise en scène for Lynck & Co. Photographer and artistic orchestrator Bernd Westphal captures a vision for a new way of mobility and membership.


Brave New World

Bernd Westphal’s Brave New World, a brilliant and beautiful interpretation of a world seemimgly perfect and intact yet ultimately segregated by fear, where those who dare to “live” must do so hidden behind a mask of make believe. CD: Alexandera Westphal, Styling: Henrik Mielicke



Always a true wheel of inspiration, Bernd Westphal once again for VW, Styling Nina Lemm, Agency DDB Berlin

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In Focus


Bernd studied communications design, majoring in photography at FH Darmstadt. After assisting various still life, fashion and architecture photographers, he then proceeded to work as an art director at various advertising agencies in Hamburg. Yet today, since 2003, Bernd is working exclusively as a photographer. As a logical consequence of his past, his minimalistic vision leans strongly towards graphic experimentation with inspirations often rooted in painting and film.
Bernd Westphal is currently based in Hamburg.

Clients: Astra, Audi AG, Aveda, Bisley, BMW, Bosch, Clariant, COR, Dove, Eidos, Gauloises, Gelbe Seiten, Ikea, Interluebke, John Player Special, Jonathan Johnson, Lamborghini, Lipton, Lufthansa, Lucky Strike, Mercedes Benz, McDonalds Minolta, Nikon, Nivea, Siemens AG, Swiss Cargo, Tetra Pak, VW, van Laak etc.

Publications: Feld Hommes, Gala, GQ, Maxi, Max, Tusch, Woman, Vogue, etc.