Bernd Westphal

• Hamburg •



Always a true wheel of inspiration, Bernd Westphal once again for VW, Styling Nina Lemm, Agency DDB Berlin


Gallery Soon Zurich

One of the strongest visual artists amongst our still stars, Bernd Westphal collaborates with flower artist Melanie Jean Richard for a Thom Pfister curated art project exhibited in Gallery Soon in Zurich.


Van Laack

Bold clean lines backed by a masterful blue mark Bernd Westphal’s signature in his latest commission for van Laack. Creative Director: Henrik Mielicke. Styling: Ina Silberzahn



Bernd Westphal´s ability to capture sleek urban lifestyle without losing a sense of “home” has won over some of Europe´s most renown brand names. Styling: Berit Hoerschelmann,
Art Direction: Alexandra Westphal



His latest commission for Edding shows once again that he is not just a master of still life, but also a true master of communication. Bernd Westphal’s past as an AD is imminently a part of his photography and often the reason behind his ever growing client base.
Styling: Elke Rüss c/o basics; Set Design: Arndt von Hoff c/o Liganord; Agency: Loved

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In Focus


Bernd studied communications design, majoring in photography at FH Darmstadt. After assisting various still life, fashion and architecture photographers, he then proceeded to work as an art director at various advertising agencies in Hamburg. Yet today, since 2003, Bernd is working exclusively as a photographer. As a logical consequence of his past, his minimalistic vision leans strongly towards graphic experimentation with inspirations often rooted in painting and film.
Bernd Westphal is currently based in Hamburg.


Clients: Astra, Audi AG, Aveda, Bisley, BMW, Bosch, COR, Eidos, Gauloises, Gelbe Seiten, Ikea, Interluebke, John Player Special, Lamborghini, Lipton, Lufthansa, Lucky Strike, McDonalds Minolta, Nikon, Nivea, Siemens AG, Swiss Cargo , Tetra Pak, VW, etc.


Publications: Feld Hommes, Gala, GQ, Maxi, Max, Tusch, Woman, Vogue, etc.