Birgit Ehrlicher
set designer & prop stylist

• Munich •



Clean and nononsense compositions were foreground for Birgit Ehrlicher’s prop-styling for Foamie’s Social Media launch. Photographer: Michael Brunn


O2 Telefonica

Birgit Ehrlicher’s scenic vision for O2 Telefonica. Agency: C3 Creative Code & Content, producer Franziska Waltl, director Michael Halberstadt, DoP Bartek Latosinski, sound Björn Rothe, costume Katrin Nagelmüller, Hair & Make Up Claudia Maurer



It’s moments like this where the backdrop is everything. Birgit Ehrlicher creates a masterful center stage for Barbara Meier’s motherhood. Client: Gala Magazin. Photographer: Thomas von Aagh; Hair & Make Up: Ben Mayer



A beautiful reduced visual campaign for IPURO Essential Fragrances relaunch thanks to Birgit Ehrlicher’s styling. Photography by Michael Brunn c/o STILLSTARS. Agency Valérien Werbeagentur


Kate Spade

Feeling very colourful, Birgit Ehrlicher’s latest set design and prop styling for Kate Spade. Photographer: Sophie Wanninger



Brighten up your office and let the colors dance. Styling by Birgit Ehrlicher for Steelcase.
Photographer: Jeremy Frechette.

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In Focus

Birgit Ehrlicher’s career started in London where she began her basic studies in the Fine Arts and Design. There she followed up with a Bachelor of Arts in Textile and Interior Design at the Chelsea College of Art and finally her Master’s degree in Scenography at the St. Martins College of Arts and Design.

She worked successfully as an assistant and set designer for various theatres and operas in both London and Munich before she discovered her affinity for interior styling in the world of magazines and advertising. Here her creative interior passion led her through a broad spectrum of commissions from hotels, restaurants, boutiques and company events right through to private clients. Later she evolved to make her personal love for cooking and cuisine a part of her professional services as food stylist, and went as far as to absolve further studies to a certified plant based gourmet cook at the renown Matthew Kenney Culinary Institut in the United States and Thailand.