Claudia Gödke

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Personal Work

Simply breathtaking personal visions of one our most gifted at Stillstars Claudia Gödke.



I mean how much more inviting and desirable to the point that you can almost taste it, can one depict a food product?! Claudia Gödke for the vegan egg-substitute Perfeggt shortly before product launch.
Styling: Magdalena Lindstedt ; Foodstyling: Nadine Page



Claudia Gödke perfectly captures the essence of this highly specific and exquisite gourmet universe. Like CODA’s 2 Michelin Stars philosophy and head Chef Renè Frank’s World Best Pastry Chef accolades, it’s all and only about desserts. Everything else steps back and serves only to put these glorious culinary creations undistracted into the spotlight.
Creative Director: Malwin Béla Hürkey ; Styling: Magdalena Lindstedt



Probing the boundaries somewhere along the edge of light, Claudia Gödke’s for Edeka.

Foodstyling: Natasha van Velzen; Styling: Petra Vogel


Norlan Glass

As if journeying Norlan’s organic shaped glasses through the different elements of seasons, Claudia Gödke gives the product a subtle aspect of timelessness.
Client: Norlan Glass; Styling:Wishbone Studio


Leonardo Brunelli

Sober images of a feast awaiting to be had. Claudia Gödke for Leonardo Brunelli. Styling: Nici Theuerkauf; Foodstyling: Nadine Page



Vibrant refreshing servings full of joy,  Claudia Gödke in her photographic element for Herta. Styling: Meike Graf; Foodstyling: Nadine Page


Nosh Nosh

Claudia Gödke’s gift of giving her objects this undeniably natural matter is her unmistakable signature. Here for Nosh Nosh. Foodstyling: Nadine Page



Images of a modern vivid country lifestyle became the cornerstone of Claudia Gödke’s latest commission for KPM Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur. Agency: Storyboard. Styling: Maria Struck. Foodstyling: Lukas Grossmann



Clever, cute, Claudia Gödke for L’Osteria, Agency Grabarz XCT, Foodstyling Natasha van Velzen, Props: Maria Struck


Pho Berlin

It’s always like you are right in the middle of it, Claudia Gödke for Pho Berlin, Styling Markus Bongardt



Much less an attest for equality as a celebration of diversity, Claudia Gödke’s unique perspectives remain unattained by the opposite gender. Client Depot. Styling: Cleo Scheulderman; AD: Tanja Valerien; Post: Klas Bagger; Digi OP: Christian Blüm



Our newest Stillstar Claudia Gödke with this radiant fresh capture for Bosch Smart Grow micro-greens home harvest system.

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In Focus

Claudia Gödke

Claudia lives and works in Berlin. After finishing her photography education in Berlin she quickly set her focus on food photography. Within the past years she expanded her portfolio and added still life, tablewear and interior photos to her repertoire, being at ease just the same with indoor photography as she is with outdoor photography​. She always manages to create images that tell stories and that invite the viewer to explore more.

Clients: Alpro, Dr. Oetker, Edeka, KPM, Kahla, Kühne, Lillet, L’Oréal Paris, Larousse, Moulinex, Tefal