Jeroen van der Spek

• Amsterdam •


VT Wonen

Breathtaking black and black story for VT Wonen together with Stylist Cleo Scheulderman.



More of a culinary portrait than a cookbook, Jeroen van der Spek beautifully captured author Anas Atassi as he shares his family stories and recipes from Syriah in the new cookbook Sumak, (editing house Nijgh en van Ditmar Cusine). Styling: Maaike Koorman, Foodstyling: Ajda Mehmet.


Photography - VT Wonen

Lessons in taking your breath away! Jeroen van der Spek’s Mid Century story for VT Wonen. Styling Cleo Scheulderman



With the opulent splendour of a Rembrandt van Rijn, a breathtaking homage to his own heritage, Jeroen van der Spek for the Christmas Deli Special for Globus Switzerland. Styling Birgit Ehrlicher (new at stillstars) and Ajda Mehmet.


Maris Piper

The splendor of tasteful elegance is everywhere to be found in Jeroen van der Spek’s latest work for Delicious Magazine, a food reportage on Maris Piper Restaurant in Amsterdam. In collaboration with Stylist Cyn Ferdinandus and Samuel Levi Production.


Couleur Locale

Beautiful stylish interiors that never loose their sense of “home”. One of the many facets of our Jeroen van der Speck, with prop stylist Cleo Scheulderman c/o STILLSTARS, this time for Couleur Locale.

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In Focus

Jeroen van der Spek, born 1964

Born in The Hague, Netherlands, Jeroen studied graphic design and photography in his youth. Since then he has worked some 25 years as a photographer.
“I started as a pure editorial photographer for dutch interior and food magazines. These days I work internationally for both editorial and commercial clients, most of the time in my favourite style, which means a little rough, not to polished and feeling real. The light and location is always the starting point for me, but in the end it is the teamwork that sets the final images apart.”
Jeroen van der Spek is currently based in Amsterdam.


Clients: Globus Swiss, Bijenkorf, Depot, Ikea, Levi”s, Roderick Vos, Marks & Spencer, Montel, Villeroy & Boch, Mc Donalds


Publications: VT Wonen, Living etc., Happinez, Delicious Magazine, Living at Home, Elle Deco, Coach Magazine, Schöner Wohnen