Katja Baum
food stylist

• Hamburg • kb@stillstars.com


Katja Baum

Real food done sublimely well by Katja Baum for Slowly Veggie. Photographer: Julia Hoersch


Lust auf Genuss

Seemingly always within the middle of culinary delight, Katja Baum’s talent to stage the apex of a gourmet journey remains her sought after signature.
Client: Lust auf Genuss
Photography: Jorma Gottwand
Set design: Krisztina Zombori


Slowly Veggie Magazine

A yummie story for the Slowly Veggie Magazine. styled by our foodstylist Katja Baum. Photographer: Ulrike Holsten.


BARBARA Magazine

Full of freshness and joy, Katja Baum for Barbara Magazine.
Credits picture 1 Photography: Andrea Thode; Styling: Maria Grossmann
Credits picture 2/3 Photography: Janne Peters; Styling: Maria Grossmann


Eat Happy

Sushi galore – Katja Baum did the food styling for these yummy images for Eat Happy. Photography Christian Kerber, prop styling Meike Graf.


Slowly Veggie

The perfect squash curry created by Katja Baum for Slowly Veggie Magazine. Photography  Thorsten Suedfels, prop styling Krisztina Zombori.



Knorr entrusted Katja Baum with the food styling of their packaging for their new toppings. Photography Ingrid von Hoff.



Katja Baum – food styling for Lovante. Photography Christian Keber, prop styling Meike Graf.


Sweet Dreams

A yummy invitation to a cup of coffee and some cookies by our food stylist Katja Baum. Photography Julia Hoersch, Prop Styling Krisztina Zombori.


Lust auf Genuss Pasta

Dumpling goodness by Katja Baum, food styling for Lust auf Genuss. Photography Thorsten Suedfels, prop styling Krisztina Zombori.

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In Focus

Katja has been cooking since she was 14 years old. After 2 semesters of philosophy and German studies at the University of Leipzig, she quit her studies to pursue her real passion, cooking, and began training as a cook at the age of 19.

Afterwards, she worked in various restaurants in the Frankfurt and Mannheim area until she moved to San Francisco in 2012. Her time there changed her understanding of cooking, products and everything she had learned so far from the ground up: Farm-to-table, root-to-flower, nose-to-tail, handmade pasta.

Back in Germany, she worked first in Würzburg, then in Hamburg, and at the age of 30 she decided to hang up her cooking apron and leave the restaurant business behind.

But this did not dampen her passion for food and so she started working as a food stylist for essen&trinken magazine. After 2 years she went the way of self-employment as a freelance food stylist. In the first 2 years she worked mainly editorial and has since discovered her passion for advertising.

When she’s not cooking, you can find her traveling, out and about in nature or SUPing.