Lars Ranek

• Copenhagen •


Letz Sushi Restaurant

Bold brass against smokey marble walls take center stage in Lars Ranek’s latest stunning commission for “Letz Sushi” restaurant. Interior Design and styling: Monica Cetti


Johan Bülow

Lars Ranek and food “go together like a horse and carriage”, this time for the exquisite liquorice confectioner Johan Bülow


Georg Jensen

A stunning osmosis of light and shadow, Lars Ranek’s new series for “Georg Jensen”.
Styling: Monica Cetti


Warm Nordic

Breathtaking paintings with light. Lars Ranek at his finest for Warm Nordic.
Styling: Monica Cetti



LUFTHANSA knows why Lars Ranek has become one of Europe’s most requested food photographers. Styling: Monica Cetti; Foodstyling: Peter Munck; Agency: Martin et Karczinski

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In Focus

Lars Ranek – born in 1963, based in Copenhagen – has been a professional advertising and commercial photographer since 1989. He established his own company Lars Ranek A/S in 1992 and is today an independent photographer specialising in food and interior photography.

Among his clients he can count several publishing and magazines such as:
Magazine Gastro, Euroman, Mad og Bolig, Pleasure magazine, Marie Claire (France), Australian Vogue, House and Gardens, Wallpaper, Quadrille publishing, Eilersen furniture, Falsled kro, Skøna Hem (Sweden) and Skodsborg spa.