Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

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Still-life that cleverly communicates another message on second look. Wolf-Dieter Böttcher for ZDF.



A stunning new jewellery series by Wolf-Dieter Böttcher founded in deepest ocre and reds.
Client: MADAME ; Styling: Susanne Stefanski



As if born from the sea, grand master Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’s brilliant story for Instyle’s mother of pearl timepiece editorial.
Redaktion: Theresa Pichler



Mixing fashion with cultural origins of architecture. Wolf-Dieter Böttcher for Karl Lagerfeld.



Always unexpected, never mainstream, grand master of daylight Wolf-Dieter Böttcher for MADAME magazine. Styling&Production: Susanne Stefanski



Brilliant crossroads between adult luxury and childhood laughter. Grand master of daylight, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher for Instyle. Styling: Theresa Pichler


Personal Work

Wolf-Dieter Böttcher personal daylight work with plastic bottles artfully brings the beholder to feel a sense of relationship between the chosen pairs. As if having shared a common past, his plastic bottles remarkably begin to tell a story we didn’t realise was waiting in our imagination.


Rixius AG

Even the humblest of critics will consider Wolf-Dieter Böttcher one of the greatest still-life masters of our time. Here for Rixius AG, he also did the concept and styling.


St. Barth

One of Europe’s most renown, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’s lens masterfully embraces the purity of essence in his latest commission for St. Barth together with The Garage Agency.


Instyle Perfumes

Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’ fun new story for Instyle.


Seduction Magazine

One of the greatest daylight artists of our time, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher always true to himself regardless of his prolific diversity. This time for SEDUCTION Magazine.
Creativ Direction: Thomas Elsner; Styling: Véronique Vollmar

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In Focus

Wolf Dieter Böttcher

“… we all are looking at an object and connect it immediately to a function, to a meaning. After that it is identified, classified, checked off. In my work I try to seperate the object from the meaning, I look at it in a new approach to give it its own meaning as an object. Out of that new relations between objects are growing. I am interested in the secret life of things.”

…a lemon and an orange side by side cease to be a lemon and an orange. they become fruit. (georges braque)