Wolf-Dieter Böttcher

• Munich • wdb@stillstars.com


Dallmayr Capsa

The true Master of Daylight, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’s richness and depth remain unparalleled. His incredible creative diversity takes center stage in Dallmayr’s new Capsa campaign. Agency Thjnk, Propstyling Birgit Ehrlicher, Coffee styling Daniel Petri , Postproduction GOLD GmbH


KaDeWe Group

Breaking all clichés and letting his mastery of daylight speak for itself, there is no one like Wolf-Dieter Böttcher. Commission KaDeWe Group, Styling Julia Zirpel



Expectional and timeless, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher for GQ with this new masterful watch serie. Styling by Clark Parkin


St. Barth

One of Europe’s most renown, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher’s lens masterfully embraces the purity of essence in his latest commission for St. Barth together with The Garage Agency.



“La vie en rose”, Wolf-Dieter Böttcher´s lens captures a clever portrait of a light-hearted lifestyle for non less than Sony.
Styling: Ulrike Miebach, Agency: Häberlein & Maurer, CD: Markus Zecher

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In Focus

Wolf Dieter Böttcher

“… we all are looking at an object and connect it immediately to a function, to a meaning. After that it is identified, classified, checked off. In my work I try to seperate the object from the meaning, I look at it in a new approach to give it its own meaning as an object. Out of that new relations between objects are growing. I am interested in the secret life of things.”

…a lemon and an orange side by side cease to be a lemon and an orange. they become fruit. (georges braque)